In Dreams

by Night Talks

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released February 10, 2017

Produced by Night Talks, Jason Orme, and Vincent Jones
Mixed by Vincent Jones
Mastered by Dave Collins



all rights reserved


Night Talks Los Angeles, California

Night Talks is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. With vocals that are equal parts angelic and razor- tipped, bass and drums that drive, and powerful, shimmering guitars, they'll remind you of the first time you stayed in your room all night listening to a record. ... more

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Track Name: 4x4
Painted eyes
Look at the sky,
And I just can’t see

Hold my ear
Up to a shell,
And no, I can’t tell

Signs that can’t be,
Plastic, make believe

Sugar’s dripping
Down the lights,
Plastic canopies the night sky

A saccharine sheen,
It’s fit for dreams,
Nothing in here is what it seems

I can’t get out of here,
Voices in and out my head
And so unclear
Four by four,
And six feet tall,
No I don’t see an exit, no not at all
I’ll make it to the exit if I have to crawl
I’ll make it to the exit to forget it all
Track Name: Green
Monster you made out of me
Things nobody wants to see

The scale of your spine,
And that spike in your heart
I’ll leave you inside ‘til it all falls apart

Jealousy, it’s me,
Where I go,
Who I am,
You and me
I’m not here,
You don’t see
What you do,
What you do,
Do to me

It’s a color I can’t be
He sucked the sunlight out of me

Your teeth, white for miles
Look so sharp in your smile

I know, and I know how things fall apart
I’ll make sure I’m leaving holes in his heart
Track Name: Black and Blue
Black and blue
When I
Think of you

Thoughts my mind won’t shut out,
Never gonna rest
Thoughts my mind won’t shut out
Put me to the test

It’s a bruise that comes back
Because it loves me
It’s not a lot,
But I know it’s something
Well, I’m a knuckle that keeps on bleeding
Bad memories I can’t stop feeding

Much too soon,
They can’t choose

You don’t bruise,
I’m black and blue
Track Name: Drift
Eyes like knots
Tied to hearts
Pulled apart
By trains of thought

Feels like I’m coming unglued
Dislocate me
Feels like I’ve nothing to do about it anyhow

Tearing holes,
Lost control
Row by row
Losing hope

I can’t keep up,
Can’t keep still,
I’ve lost my head,
I’ve lost my will
I can’t use my mouth today, or
Think of all the words to say

(Falling away,
I can’t think of all the words to say)
Track Name: Mr. Bloom
You know
You can’t hide
Red lights,
Eyes open wide

All your girls,
They look inside
Your soul,
Yeah you can’t slide

Look to your lovers
They add up all your days
Your body melts away
Until it’s gone

You just have so much to say it’s
All too soon, Mr. Bloom
You can’t make it go away
You’ve got to choose, Mr. Bloom

That smile,
That mattress noise,
You’ve become
One of her toys

Look to your lover,
It’s written on her face
You both sleep the wrong way
Until she’s gone

Let them in anyway,
You can’t assume, Mr. Bloom,
It’s the price you have to pay
You spelled your doom, Mr. Bloom

You gave her up too soon
She’s with him all this June
You gave her up too soon
Track Name: Glass
I’ll walk through glass from end to end,
I can’t see you, but I’ll pretend

Help me now, I’m
Losing out, and
I don’t see you anymore

And this vision’s so unclear
In my world of little fears

(But you) You can’t go now
(So soon) Gone and I don’t know how

(But you) You can’t get out
(So soon) Without some help right now
(But you) You can’t go now
(So soon) Gone and I don’t know how

I’m stuck in doubt, and
Can’t get out, and
I don’t see you anymore
Help me now, I’m
Losing out, and
Track Name: Jungle
I don’t know you,
At all
But on your bluff,
I’ll call, call
I’ll show you how it feels
To reach the limit of your lies

And when you feel
The same,
You’ll take the blame, and
I’ll show you how it feels
To reach the limit of your lies

Well, for someone who hates lying
You sure hate the truth
I can’t count all the ways I found you
It’s kinda funny how you’re thinking about it
Too, I do, I do

So when I speak,
You’ll hear
And I’ll make it
So clear
I’ll show you how it feels
To reach the limit of your lies

I feel you breathing me
And I won’t react
Well I see you seeing me,
How about that
But you’ll never get to me, no
Track Name: Eye to Eye
I don’t want to talk
I’m all tied in knots

Take my
Tongue out
Lips, teeth, wash it all
I won’t say it at all

But if I did
Would it mean a thing?
Could you hear me, feel me?
If I did

You’re just too blind
My words on your mind
We don’t see
Eye to eye
I’m wrong,
You’re always right

But if I were
Would it mean a thing?
Could you hear me, feel me?
If I did

Take my
Tongue out
Lips, teeth, wash it all
I won’t say it at all

And when
It’s done
I won’t take the fall,
I won’t say it at all

So I won’t
And you’ll never know, never know
Then you’d hear me,
Feel me,
If I did
Track Name: If I Fall
You’ll read my mind
I won’t have a thing to say
In there you’ll find
A number of my fears for days

It’s all coming out

Spilling through my mouth
It’s all coming out today

If I fall
If you leave
Could you stay
Here with me?
Can’t you lie
Through your teeth?
You and me,
You and me

Can’t sleep alone
All night sweating through my bones
Through you I see
A broken lock and a twisted key

I’ll start it with a smile
We’ll talk for a while
I’ll feel just like a child

You might say to me
You need space to breathe
I can’t let that be, no

Start it with a smile,
But take away a mile
So you won’t say to me
The things that you can’t see
Track Name: Cutting Through
Sleepless nights,
The stars never dim,
I see my name, my name
Water hot,
It scalds your skin,
I feel the same, the same

Take me in and pour me out
Let the sea roll me around and
Pull me down

And so my story goes,
You never knew,
I stand on my own

Feel it rain some more,
Part of my form, my form
I’m a girl cutting through a man’s world
It’s what I am

Though it’s late to fall asleep,
All those pieces of me I will
Vow to keep

And so my story goes,
You never knew,

I stand on my own,
Not torn in two,
And maybe when it’s told
You’ll see it through,
Then I’ll feel it all

So, now you know
Close your eyes and let go
I will never follow,
You owned me and now you don’t

I’m tired of being quiet,
And I’ll scream it all the time, and
I am

I’m owning my feelings,
And I’m no longer dreaming
I am
Track Name: In Dreams
When your days are long and dark
You hold in your hands your beating heart
You feel your life get torn apart
You want nothing more than a brand new start

How was I supposed to see?
Walls close up all around me,
What does all the crying mean?
A desperate girl too dumb to leave
I want this life to be complete
How hard does that have to be? Well,

We all fall down
Again and again,
But we get up
And hold our hands and pretend

So you try and crack a smile
Make this mess of yours worthwhile,
The tension eases mile for mile,
It all starts to feel so mild

Well, now you can start to see
Doors open all around me
What did all the crying mean?
A better girl too smart to leave
This life could just be complete
How hard does it have to be? Well,

Oh, how sweet
Just to be
Flying free,
Breathing clear

So complete
When you see
Me in dreams
Breathing clear